Protected area of the Calvana hills

Bisenzio Valley's typical landscapes are large woods and green grazing areas. The Bisenzio river flows and passes through the valley, cutting through the west slope of the Appenines, northern from Prato. The river flows between two spectacular slopes: on the east side there are the Calvana hills, where pastures and bare limestone patches alternate. On the west side, thick and rich woods completely cover the mountainous terrain. There are several karstick caves as well and some of them can be visited with the help of an expert guide.

Protected area of Monferrato

The west side of the Bisenzio valley is also quite beautiful; it can be reached through the road that connects Vaiano with Schignano. Very luxuriant, it is part of the Protected Area of Monteferrato and there are many signaled hiking trails to enjoy. On the peak of the mount Le Coste, named as “Spazzavento”, was erected the mausoleum of the writer Curzio Malaparte.

Walking and cycling surrounded by nature

The pedestrian and cycle path “Marco Pantani”, starts from Vaiano and arrives to Prato, along the Bisenzio river. The path passes by a train station as well, Prato – Porta al Serraglio. From there, Florence, Pistoia, Lucca and Viareggio can be easily reached. The path is connected with all the other cycle paths of the Province.

For information visit the Municipality of Vaiano website.

Ancient Gardens itinerary

The Ancient Gardens itinerary starts in Prato with the garden and orchard of the Conservatory of San Niccolò and continues in the magnificent villas of the Municipality of Vaiano.

Horseback riding

For those who like horseback ridings it is possible to book trips in one of the specialized equestrian centers of the valley.